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“Hello! Hello! We’re THE MONSTER SQUAD!”

– The Monster Squad

Yes, it seems the whole world is talking about the Monster Squad. And why not? These four polite, young talented monsters are jumpin’ and jivin’ their way onto the pop music scene with a fresh sound and innovative look that together seem bound to capture the imagination of a generation

Formed in mid-2006, the Monster Squad consists of Frankenstein (vocals, bass), Dracula (vocals, guitar), the Mummy (vocals, keyboards), and Wolfie (vocals, drums), all together at long last. Pursuing their rock and roll dreams and living together in a one-bedroom apartment in a not-very-nice part of Hollywood (kind of over by that Arby’s), the Monster Squad is a running, jumping, singing, playing, laughing junta of impossible pop, youthful joy and undeniable craft, all delivered in a style that only the Monster Squad can provide.

How this promising young band got together is a story it’d likely take multiple books, movies and even urban legends to tell properly. So for now here are some fun facts:

  • Mummy and Frankenstein met four-and-a-half years ago at a Jimmy Eat World concert.
  • Dracula is allergic to bees.
  • The Monster Squad was originally called Cop Party.
  • The Wolfie’s favorite dessert is the rootbeer float.

What the future holds for the Monster Squad is a matter of much hope and wonder. Currently they are finishing up work on their forthcoming debut album and entering discussions for a Monkees-style kids TV show as well as a prime-time reality show chronicling their adventures in Tinsel Town.

“So crank up the tube with the remote control, ‘cause we’re the Monster Squad and we’re ready to roll.”



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  • The Monster Squad
    The Monster Squad