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The Monster Squad Show

What happens when four talented, zany Monsters form a band and take on life in Hollywood and the record biz? Frank, Drac, Wofie and Mum live together in a Hollywood hills rental as they fight to make their dreams come true while staying true to themselves.

Loaded with original Monkees-style bubblegum pop music, the show looks at the weird realities of Tinsel Town through the unique and hilarious prism of these four beloved Monster-dudes. While our Monsters are clearly different, they are not feared in this show, but instead treated with an exaggerated form of the same skepticism, judgment and at times joy afforded outsiders, artists and “the different”.

Along for the ride are the band’s well-intentioned, if morally shady manager and his true-hearted assistant who sees through the bull to really grow to love the Monsters. It’s a journey combining outrageously fresh “reality-style humor”, incredible retro-cool pop music, and lots of heart. America, get ready for… The Monster Squad!!

  • The Monster Squad
    The Monster Squad